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Electrical engineer
Locations: North America
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1. Understand the market needs of users, and complete the overall control system hardware development and design tasks according to the planned products. 2. Responsible for the overall development of electronic control hardware, compile product electronic control specifications, and promote the application and innovation of electronic control technology solutions
3. Follow up the design and development of electronic devices, including the selection and evaluation of components, cost reduction, and improvement of control efficiency.
4. Follow up the introduction of complete machine production and complete machine certification to assist in rectification work.
Structural engineer
Locations: Japan
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1. Support planning of branding and communications strategies 2. Plan and implement Corporate and Divisions communication programs to support business strategy execution and enhance employee engagement
3. Internal and external event planning and management e.g. Innovation Day, Customer Events and dinners, Town Hall meeting, Corporate Citizenship program and Employee Activities, etc.
Sale manager
Locations: Europe
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1. Coach Scrum Masters and Managers in its Agile adoption. 2. Continuously improve our process using Lean and Kaizen techniques.
3. Remove impediments for the team, individuals, or process Set and execute key goals and objectives for your team Drive the team to consistently deliver on their goals Ensure clear communication and collaboration between all the members of the cross-functional team: Dev, PM, Doc
R&D director
Locations: Southeast Asia
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1. According to the company's development strategy, formulate the company's medium and long-term research and development plan, grasp the research and development direction; guide and supervise the research and development department to implement the company's research and development strategy and annual research and development plan; 2. control the product development progress, adjust the plan; 3. form an excellent product research and development team, audit and training assessment relevant technical personnel.
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